Saturday, 29 September 2018

Wedding Cake Trends 2018: Black and Gold Cakes

Now continuing on my Trend Report on Wedding Cake Trends for 2018, the next is a combination of colours that perhaps are not traditional Wedding Colours.

Black is the colour for mourning and as such avoided at weddings but the new mordern interpretation of wedding cakes that use black, gold and natural florals has many a bride choosing to opt for this very chic and glamorous look!

Here are some beautiful examples of BLACK & GOLD.

The stand out feature of these black beauties is their understated play at texture. Combining architectural pieces, big brush strokes of liquid gold and a mix of 2d and 3d florals truly makes these Artistic pieces memorable.

So are you a bride who considers herself unique and likes to stand out from the crowd for her sartorial choices then this is the trend for you!

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